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Bella Eiko’s Story. Ramsey Orta Is No Martyr.

Ramsey Orta is not the revolutionary leader he has been made out to be. He may be another victim of targeted state violence, as Eric Garner was, but he is also a violent abuser. By Kika D. & Dani  TW: details of state violence, anti-Black violence, domestic/interpersonal abuse, and misogynoir. “People love evidence. If there...


It’s Not Surprising That Ellen DeGeneres’ Show Is Rife With Abuse and Exploitation

Systems of oppression are breeding grounds for abuse and exploitation. The alleged abuses on DeGeneres’ show are not separate from those structures. In recent months, allegations of a toxic and exploitative work culture pervading The Ellen DeGeneres Show surfaced after dozens of former employees interviewed by Buzzfeed News came forward. Initially just whispers, a general...


Committing Harm Is Not The Same As Being Abusive

In conflating harm with abuse, we contribute to disposability politics and stray further away from a more just future of accountability and healing. This essay discusses sexual violence and mentions r/pe My queer parent, Hunter Shackelford, and I sit around and talk a lot. For hours, most days. At the genesis of our relationship, one...


Forcing Children To Lose Weight Is Child Abuse

There is no other way to put it. Forcing exercise and diets on your children is an attempt to punish them for their (perceived) fatness and that is abuse. TW: this piece discusses anti-fatness, fat camps, diet & exercise, and familial/social child abuse. please proceed with caution. I have been fat for as far back...


4 Things People Do That Harm Survivors of Sexual Violence

From derailing, to gaslighting, to unsolicited advice: people derail important conversations held by survivors of sexual assault. TW/CW: this article discusses sexual assault/violence as well as gaslighting of a sexual assault survivor  By Gloria Oladipo Sometimes, to shame the devil, we have to share our secrets. Especially when it comes to exposing predators in our...


Wild Flower Sex is a Lesson in White Abuse of Power

The callout to Wild Flower is an example of what many Black sexuality professionals face in the field. And more, what Wild Flower Sex did was not accidental, or a one-time mistake. Content Note: This piece contains discussion of anti-Black violence, misogynoir, sexual violence (assault and rape), sex work. Please read at your own discretion....