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The Border Crisis of the Migrant-Slave

Black mobility, as seen in the case of the Haitian migrant-slave, is not only a threat to the sovereign-national border, but to the border-as-limit to the meaning of emancipation and agency writ large.  By Tea S. Troutman Borders—like the nation-states, colonies, and otherwise legible cartographies of sovereignty they demarcate,—are first and foremost anti-black. That’s it....


Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Was Almost A Perfect Black Film

Soul is one of Pixar’s most artistically beautiful, emotionally moving, and conceptually ambitious projects. Its biggest failure is that it fails to center Blackness. CW: mentions of sexual assault and some spoilers for Soul By Inigo Laguda  When the trailer for Soul was released, it was embroiled in controversy. The film was accused of contributing...