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‘Bad Girls Club’ and the Profitability of Misogynoir in Reality Television

The spectacle held in Bad Girls Club’s mass appeal was the promise of anti-Black violence, misogynoir, and the narrative exploitation of women who needed real help.  By Monika Estrella Negra Bad Girls Club, in which a group of self-proclaimed “Bad Girls” are given the opportunity to hash out their toxic social skills together in a...


Climate Change Disasters Leave Fat And Disabled People Even More Vulnerable To Harm

Hospitals don’t have evacuation plans in place to care for fat and disabled patients in the most disastrous moments. TW: mention of “ob*sity,” murder, and general anti-fat anti-Black violence Earth’s climate is changing. Drastically and rapidly. Glaciers are melting; ecosystems are shifting; temperatures are changing and sea levels are rising. But what is perhaps most...


Jameela Jamil Is Unqualified To Be A Mental Health Advocate

Not only is Jameela Jamil ill-equipped to be a mental health advocate, she has shown that she doesn’t care to learn better. By Candice Alaska [TW: brief mention of gun violence and murder, sexual violence towards women, and police violence towards disabled BIPOC.] Ever one to be a part of the discourse, self-described “Feminist-in-Progress” and...


Your Disdain For The South Is Just Anti-Blackness

When people blame Black and other colonized people in the South for the actions of corporations and moneyed politicians, they only assist the state in nailing us to the cross that kills us for their salvation. Since the mid-1800s, levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide have continuously increased. This phenomenon, along with other drastic environmental shifts,...


Locking Up Baby Formula Is Classist and Racist

This is not an issue of baby formula theft but of racial capitalism, the neglect of Black humanity, and the continued policing of BIPOC communities. By Brittini Palmer For some time now, I’ve wondered why baby formula is locked up behind counters and plexiglass in grocery stores. This wonder gradually led to annoyance and then...


From Lagos to Atlanta, Black Leadership Won’t Save Us While Anti-Blackness Maintains Its Grip

As state forces descend on protesters in Nigeria, it’s clear that Black leadership alone isn’t a fix while capitalism and the effects of colonialism remain.  TW/CW: mention of blood, murder, r/pe, and other things that may be too gruesome or gory for some. read with caution. As I write this, thousands have taken the streets...