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If This Didn’t Push You Further To The Left, What Will?

There is no freedom under capitalism, white supremacy, and cisheteropatriarchy. If none of this pushes you further left, then what will? If last night’s political theater didn’t push you further to the left, then I don’t know what will.  If it wasn’t the complete and utter lack of policy proposals, if it wasn’t the attempts...


“You Play Too Much,” Pleasure Without Permission In A Capitalist Society

Play, pleasure, and rest aren’t considered vital to our livelihood because labor to maintain capitalism is framed as our fundamental purpose. By Kendriana Washington For centuries, free will and its playfulness have threatened conventionality and stirred fear in the seat of power. Shortsighted perceptions of play consider it immature, selfish, and rooted in distraction or...


It’s Not Surprising That Ellen DeGeneres’ Show Is Rife With Abuse and Exploitation

Systems of oppression are breeding grounds for abuse and exploitation. The alleged abuses on DeGeneres’ show are not separate from those structures. In recent months, allegations of a toxic and exploitative work culture pervading The Ellen DeGeneres Show surfaced after dozens of former employees interviewed by Buzzfeed News came forward. Initially just whispers, a general...


Artists are Making The Case For Art As Good Propaganda

Art, particularly about systems of oppression, necessarily has to choose a side. After all, choosing not to speak out for those who are oppressed, is also choosing a side. By Ragini Srikrishna “All art is propaganda…” Upton Sinclair  A full year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us and while George Floyd was still alive, community...


Let’s Not Be So Quick to Deify Angela Davis

We should be wary of deifying Angela Davis. Deification strips people (but particularly Black people, and especially Black women) of our humanity. “Why?” I’m like 99.9% sure this is what you, dear reader, thought as soon as you read this title. But, bear with me, as I promise it’s not what you think. To be...


From Lebanon to Chile, Protesters Are Uniting Against The Ruling Class

In Chile, Iraq, and Lebanon, people have put aside their sectarian and ethnic differences to fight back against corrupt, capitalist systems of oppression. CW: mentions of police/ government brutality, mentions of sexual violence, death “Thawra! Thawra! Thawra!” As you watch videos of the Lebanese uprising, you can hear protesters call for revolution in the streets...