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With Both COVID and Abortion Access, The Government Abandons Young People

The dignity, citizenship and humanity of young people have always been treated as unimportant or collateral in culture wars and both national and geopolitical conflicts.  CW: r*pe, sexual assault By Kylie Cheung  With the new school year around the corner, the Delta variant spreading rapidly among the unvaccinated, and no guidelines still on if and...


White Supremacist Protesters Across The Nation Want One Thing: Death

BIPOC are dying at disproportionate rates despite shutdowns and it’s clear why white supremacists want to reverse stay-at-home orders. They want us dead. By Lara Witt and Sherronda J. Brown Decked out in their ugliest American flag-themed outfits, right-wing, conservative, libertarian, fascist, white supremacist, white nationalist, and nazi protesters have gathered in different state capitols...