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Artists are Making The Case For Art As Good Propaganda

Art, particularly about systems of oppression, necessarily has to choose a side. After all, choosing not to speak out for those who are oppressed, is also choosing a side. By Ragini Srikrishna “All art is propaganda…” Upton Sinclair  A full year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us and while George Floyd was still alive, community...


Tschabalala Self Is Rebranding The Body With Her Art

Tschabalala Self challenges viewers to see these bodies as vessels of exciting difference and much more than caricatures. By Tyra A. Seals By using fabric, thread, and collage techniques to circumvent traditional definitions of artistic media, Tschabalala Self’s large scale paintings and installations illustrate full, marginalized bodies with grace, pride, and power. The Harlem-born artist...


Mexico’s ‘Africamericanos’ Exhibit Explores Black Identity In Latin America

There is little recognition of Afro-Latinx communities throughout Latin America, but Puebla’s “Africamericanos” exhibit is seeking to change that. It wasn’t the first time I’d set out in search of African-descended cultures in Latin America. In fact, compared to other excursions, the two-hour bus ride from Mexico City to the self-described “magical town” of Puebla...


The Whitney Museum’s Biennial Silence and Its Culture of Oppression

The Whitney Museum chooses silence in an effort to displace, downplay, and negate valid public outrage regarding their policies, ethics and leadership. By Jamara Wakefield May 17th marked the start of the 79th Whitney Biennial. The Biennial is a contemporary art exhibition, featuring typically young and lesser-known artists, at the Whitney Museum of American Art...


6 BIWOC Comics Writers You Should Know

In honor of Women’s History Month, check out the work of these BIWOC comics writers. As a medium and an industry, comics aren’t always kind to women, especially women of color. Mainstream comic book companies seem to hire them once in a blue moon and yet they are still out there producing their own work...


We Need to Create and Protect Accessible Work For QPOC

I beg the queer people who read this that you consider preserving all the art and writing you create. That way, future generations have their own map should they face a crisis. “In this great gay mecca, I was an invisible man still. I had no shadow, no substance. No history, no place, no reflection.”...