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Sex education courses need to include asexuality

Students aren’t being taught in formative sex education courses that asexuality is in fact a valid sexual orientation, leaving some ace students feeling lonely or “sexually broken.”  This essay discusses sexual coercion and mentions r*pe By Ebony Purks Since coming out as asexual a little over a year ago, I’ve noticed how adequate asexual representation...


10 Things BoJack Horseman Kept It Real About

BoJack Horseman took its place in pop-culture very seriously. It made us laugh, cry and challenged us to be better people thanks to and despite our trauma. This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s “BoJack Horseman” I’m not going to lie. I was completely devastated when it was announced that the sixth season of Netflix heavyweight...


Asexual Is Queer And Gatekeeping Is Not Liberation

Asexuality would also be better understood if we expanded and reformed our understanding of queerness itself. “Pursuing an understanding of queerness as an absence of or an aversion to sex might include figures deemed unnatural for their lack of a natural desire—a host of saints, dandies, frigid women, isolated children, and awkward teens. Although the...


How The Colonial History of Hypersexualization Obscures the Possibility of Black Asexuality

Black asexuals deserve to have more visibility and clarity, and Black people deserve to embrace our sexualities outside of the confines of prescribed hypersexualization. This essay contains discussions of sexual and reproductive violences, and racist fetishization  “Western social thought associates Blackness with an imagined uncivilized, wild sexuality and uses this association as one lynchpin of...