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From Lagos to Atlanta, Black Leadership Won’t Save Us While Anti-Blackness Maintains Its Grip

As state forces descend on protesters in Nigeria, it’s clear that Black leadership alone isn’t a fix while capitalism and the effects of colonialism remain.  TW/CW: mention of blood, murder, r/pe, and other things that may be too gruesome or gory for some. read with caution. As I write this, thousands have taken the streets...


From Atlanta To Palestine: Our Struggles Are Intertwined

This is a statement of solidarity between our two peoples, Palestinians and Black people, as we resist against israeli and american genocide. By Da’Shaun Harrison, Eva, Bisan, and Osama Over the span of mere days, Atlantans have bore witness to yet another murder of a Black person at the hands of police, the resignation of...


Get To Know These 5 Community Organizers

They never became your favorite celebrity activist—and they don’t want to—but these organizers did really amazing work for years. This decade has been filled with lots of joy, lots of agony, lots of cultural shifts, and more. Perhaps one of the greatest, and most impactful, parts of this decade, is the onslaught of sociopolitical engagement...


Gentrification Is Not A Myth, It Is Very Real Violence

Through a violent process imbued with white supremacy and capitalism, gentrification continues to wreak havoc upon Black neighborhoods across america. Close your eyes and do this exercise: Think of your favorite Black restaurant in your favorite Black neighborhood in your city. Think of what it’s surrounded by, who frequents it, how good it makes you...