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A Wrinkle in Conviction: Ava DuVernay, Black Celebrity, and the Manipulation of Revolutionary Aesthetic

Ava DuVernay is hedging her bets, looking to portray herself as both pop culture educator and blameless conversant in a larger, more complicated discussion. I stopped being disappointed by Black celebrities a while ago. I think it was a long time coming, but it was cemented last year when I saw that RocNation Brunch tweet...


Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and The Establishment Left

In any other country, Sanders and Warren may exist in separate political parties. Here, they contend for the nomination of the same party. Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders has seen a surge in polls, specifically for important caucuses like Iowa and New Hampshire. However, his rise in popularity has been met with disdain from the establishment...


Title IX is Harming Transgender Youth: Here’s What We Can Do

If our youth don’t feel safe in our society, then what kind of society are we? According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, suicide rates and tendencies for TGNC youth are at an all time high. When compared with the general population, risk for TGNC youth range higher, between 32%...


The Black Millennial Political Takeover

Electing black millennials is not just about creating pioneers, but about changing the face of power away from the narrative of the older, average white male. Have you heard? Baby Boomers are aging out of local government. Yay! No more mandated Google Drive professional developments! Millennials — specifically, black millennials — are coming for their seats...


Trump’s Not Kinky, He’s Just An Asshole

This isn’t some “your kink is OK” thing. This was an act of racism and toxic masculinity, of marking territory, of demanding ownership and feeling entitled. When I first saw that #watersportsgate was trending on Twitter and it had to do with Donald Trump, I dismissed it pretty quickly. I’ve been kinky my entire adult life,...


Shepard Fairey Designs Brilliant New Posters For Inauguration Protests

The new Shepard Fairey campaign, designed to be held aloft during the protests in Washington, D.C., aims to flood the capitol with images of love and support. Shepard Fairey’s new “We The People” posters recall the “hope” imagery of the first Obama campaign. By focusing on the people of America, Fairey and collaborating artists Jessica Sabogal and...