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“Bisexual Men Are The Best In Bed” Is Fetishistic Biphobia

Using bisexual+ men’s presumed superlativeness encourages sexual intrigue firmly rooted in the biphobic reduction of bisexual+ men to objects of sexual pleasure.  TW: biphobia, sexual violence/rape culture, mention of sexual abuse against boys, mention of genitalia, fetishization of bisexual+ men, misogyny  By J.R. Yussuf “Bisexual men are the best in bed” is a comment that...


The Capitalistic Work Ethic Fallacy Creates Space For Anti-Fatness and Biphobia

The Protestant Work Ethic mythos and its presumed moral superiority have taught us that discipline should be projected onto everything, including bodies and sexualities. By Maz Hedgehog  One of the core myths of Anglo-American capitalism is the Protestant Work Ethic. The belief that Britain and America earned the wealth hoarded by their ruling classes through...


‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Uses Blackness and Bisexuality To Serve White Heterosexuality

The Queen’s Gambit is marked by both misogynoir and biphobia, as Jolene and Cleo operate as stereotypical plot devices that bolster up the straight/white power of chess prodigy Beth Harmon. By Maz Hedgehog CW: substance abuse, alcoholism, and spoilers for Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit’  The Queen’s Gambit is a good show. It’s engaging and exciting,...


On Ellen Page And Giving Queer Survivors The Support They Deserve

The harassment that Page faces particularly hit home for me because it shined a light on the specific struggles that LGBTQ+ people face. [TW: discussions of sexual violence and harassment, homophobia.]  If you’ve been taking note of anything in public media lately, you’ve most likely seen accusations of powerful Hollywood figures committing acts of sexual violence finally...