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Let’s Not Be So Quick to Deify Angela Davis

We should be wary of deifying Angela Davis. Deification strips people (but particularly Black people, and especially Black women) of our humanity. “Why?” I’m like 99.9% sure this is what you, dear reader, thought as soon as you read this title. But, bear with me, as I promise it’s not what you think. To be...


We All Failed Oluwatoyin Salau. All of Us.

At every turn in her life, Oluwatoyin was failed by all the people, all the places, and all the entities that were supposed to protect her. TW/CW: suicide ideation, murder, anti-Blackness, domestic/interpersonal violence, and sexual assault. I should not be here. This, of course, does not help my suicide ideation. But… I think about that...


Black Women’s History Month: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

Black women’s history month celebrates the fact that Black women are at the forefront of creating work that liberates, entertains, heals, and educates. Black women have often lent so much of their talent, brilliance, and effort to movements and moments most often historicized as male-dominated—thus leading to the rapid erasure of their works and the...


‘Next In Fashion’ is a Lesson on Effective and Ineffective Allyship

Next in Fashion’s ‘streetwear’ episode is a master class of how Black men can be effective and ineffective allies to Black women. By Paige Robinson The fashion industry has a racism problem. Fashion trends come and go, but apparently racism never goes out of style. This racism gets confronted, although inadvertently, in a streetwear-focused episode...