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Climate Change Disasters Leave Fat And Disabled People Even More Vulnerable To Harm

Hospitals don’t have evacuation plans in place to care for fat and disabled patients in the most disastrous moments. TW: mention of “ob*sity,” murder, and general anti-fat anti-Black violence Earth’s climate is changing. Drastically and rapidly. Glaciers are melting; ecosystems are shifting; temperatures are changing and sea levels are rising. But what is perhaps most...


Lizzo’s Body Is Not A Political Battlefront

White women crying in “disappointment” about Lizzo is nothing short of their belief that fat Black women should always tend to their wounds coming to the surface.  CW: diet talk By Rasheed Ajamu “Body Positivity” icon Lizzo recently decided to partake in a “JJ Smith’s 10-day smoothie detox” and gave her social media following a...


Fatphobia: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

Wear Your Voice assembled this reading list to help people learn more about fatphobia and its interconnected oppressions. Dismantling fatphobia, white supremacy and other oppressions is foundational to the work that we create at Wear Your Voice. We believe that various systems of power are interconnected and therefore we must tackle them as such. Anti-fatness...


The State of Fat Representation in Sex: A Weekend at The Sex Expo

Not seeing fat people represented sends a message that fat bodies aren’t desirable. That couldn’t be further from the truth. By Mayra Mejia Let’s face it. Most of us (consenting, adult) fat folks have and enjoy sex. But oftentimes in the sex industry, the only plus-size representation is presented as a fetish. While fetishes can...


Robbie Tripp Put the Final Nail in Body Positivity’s Coffin With His ‘Chubby Sexy’ Music Video

In “Chubby Sexy,” Tripp capitalizes on his wife’s “thickness” while using a poor approximation of AAVE to deliver heavy-handed fat jokes. By Noor Al-Sibai Robbie Tripp, dubbed “Curvy Wife Guy” by internet cajolers, is back at it again — and this time, he’s White Boy Rapping about his spouse’s fat ass. On May 24, the...


Fat People Must Become a Priority to the Left

Fat folks carry the weight of the work in these spaces while our bodies and material realities are continually othered and written off. I am a communist. More specifically, I am an ecosocialist. And while I do not currently identify as a Pan-Africanist, I have organized, now, for five years with an African-centered politic. I...