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When Whiteness Invades

Whiteness is always invested in taking up more space. As a result, white people often do everything in their power to make every space they enter into more comfortable for whiteness. By Sherronda J. Brown and Lara Witt Wear Your Voice is a small publication. We are run by just a few people, we have...


Examining the Grief Industrial Complex

When everything can become a product, nothing can ever be seen as sacred. That’s the truth that lies at the heart of the grief industrial complex.  In February 2018, Joaquin Oliver was one of 17 people shot and killed in Parkland, Florida. That same year, his parents, Patricia and Manuel Oliver went on to start...


The Hashtag As Black Death

The Hashtag, used as a way to market the murders of Black people, commodifies their deaths, and as such, separates them from the possibility of life before Death.  We have reached another pivotal moment in modern history; a continuation of the radical movement birthed in 2014 through the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson. Months...


Centering White Allies In Black Liberation Destroys Our Movements

Centering white allies in our movements shifts them from being unapologetically pro-Black to becoming about what white people need to cope with their guilt. By Gloria Oladipo “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”  This is what Terry Crews—our...