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Why Celebrities Are Losing Their Goddamn Minds in the Middle of a Pandemic

A pandemic like COVID-19 renders celebrity nearly useless, and the lack of fan adoration—not a pandemic—is the celebrity’s version of a global crisis. At the beginning of March, it became very clear that COVID-19 had finally reached the United States. And because this doodoo-ass country had spent the last, what, EIGHT decades chipping away at...


From Tumblr To Twitter: The Increasing Dangers of Stan Culture

In stan culture, the anonymity on social media collide with celebrity worship, spawning a toxic environment that rewards obsessive and violent behaviour. “Halsey Is Very Sorry for Accidentally Calling for Another 9/11” is a headline that I never would have imagined reading in 2020. In yet another entry in the Celebrities Can’t Take Criticism canon,...


What Kevin Spacey Did Has Nothing To Do With Being Gay

Spacey’s actions have nothing to do with his sexuality — like anyone who makes unwanted sexual advances on young teens, it is about one thing and one thing only: Power. By Dr. Jonathan P. Higgins With the news of actor Anthony Rapp alleging that fellow actor Kevin Spacey made sexual advances towards him when Rapp...


10 Films Directed By Women in 2015 to Watch in 2016

2015 had some record-setting box office releases as well as some amazing feminist films. However, equality in the film industry is far from realized, which is why recognition is especially important. Personally disappointingly so, this was the year that a woman director gave us 50 Shades of Grey, so it was important for me to...


6 WOC Leads That Could Have Been Played by Anyone

A well-written, well-rendered character who is genuine and interesting has viewers not only coming back, but transcending their shows and representing hope and inspiration for viewers who identify with them. Or, more so, who can identify with them. Too often in mainstream TV, if there happens to be a person of color, they are often...