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Defund the Celebrity Activism Industrial Complex

Capitalism has turned the legitimate organizing and activism efforts of everyday people seeking support and care for their communities into a competitive spectacle. Activism is in its flop era. That’s an uncharitable characterization, but based on current events and public sentiment it’s an apt one in the wake of CBS’ announcement for their soon to...


White Feminism, Brown Skin: Jameela Jamil Is Who She Claims to Protest

Jameela Jamil uses her identity to shield herself from criticism while setting Black women up for her fans to attack (and apparently report into silence) without a hint of irony.  TW/CW: Jameela Jamil, STIs/STDs, racism, misogyny, misogynoir, whorephobia By Adrie Rose Hello, my name is Adrie and I am 100%, unequivocally NOT rooting for everyone...