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A Wrinkle in Conviction: Ava DuVernay, Black Celebrity, and the Manipulation of Revolutionary Aesthetic

Ava DuVernay is hedging her bets, looking to portray herself as both pop culture educator and blameless conversant in a larger, more complicated discussion. I stopped being disappointed by Black celebrities a while ago. I think it was a long time coming, but it was cemented last year when I saw that RocNation Brunch tweet...


Why Celebrities Are Losing Their Goddamn Minds in the Middle of a Pandemic

A pandemic like COVID-19 renders celebrity nearly useless, and the lack of fan adoration—not a pandemic—is the celebrity’s version of a global crisis. At the beginning of March, it became very clear that COVID-19 had finally reached the United States. And because this doodoo-ass country had spent the last, what, EIGHT decades chipping away at...


From Tumblr To Twitter: The Increasing Dangers of Stan Culture

In stan culture, the anonymity on social media collide with celebrity worship, spawning a toxic environment that rewards obsessive and violent behaviour. “Halsey Is Very Sorry for Accidentally Calling for Another 9/11” is a headline that I never would have imagined reading in 2020. In yet another entry in the Celebrities Can’t Take Criticism canon,...