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‘Project Power’ Delves Into The Scientific Exploitation Of Black Women’s Bodies

‘Project Power’ imagines a world where Black women can get free and remove the shackles of scientific racism that have attempted to bind us for centuries.  CN: This article contains spoilers for the film “Project Power” and mentions anti-Black experimentations on Black women’s bodies. By S.R. Toliver Set in the poorest part of New Orleans,...


The History of Consumption and The Cannibalistic Nature of Whiteness

Europeans devouring Egyptian mummies. The Donner Party cannibalizing their Indigenous American guides. White people have consumed the Other in many ways. TW/CW: This essay discusses cannibalism, murder, lynching, suicide, and bodily mutilation  Mercy Brown was not the first to die. Her mother and sister had already gone, nearly a decade before her. Still, Mercy would...


George Washington Carver: Touching Infinity

Cursory research into the life of Carver reveals a sort of apolitical figure, someone who cared about peanuts and plants and little more. This could not be further from the truth.  George Washington Carver lived and eventually died not knowing the exact date nor year in which he was born. Born into a family of...


Surviving Capitalism Through The Protection of Community

What I learned from these two years is that capitalism is not something you ever truly survive. You are a slave to the world until the world is no more. CW/TW: mentions of sexual assault, gun violence, houselessness, and more in the following essay. Reader’s discretion is advised. I have written some very hard pieces...


The Depraved Violence of Britain’s ‘Subtle’ Racism

British racism is only subtle insofar as it is left unspoken, forgotten and tolerated.  By Rami Yasir In an episode of The Grapevine, Saïe, a musician going by @theafroromantic online, compares the experience of Black Americans and Black British people, “In America… you guys get stabbed in the front,” she says, “we get stabbed in...


UNRULY: Subverting Body Terrorism By Celebrating Black Hair

As part of our #BodyPositivityInColor campaign and in recognition of Black History Month, Sherronda J. Brown writes about the larger implications of society’s policing of natural Black hair through a lens that provides cultural and historical context, emphasizing why hair should be a focus of Body Positivity discussions for Black people.     This essay...