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5 Excuses We Don’t Want To Hear About Plus-Size Exclusion in Fashion

Plus-size folks don’t need anyone “actually-ing” size-exclusion — many of the excuses and explanations thrown at us are nothing more than gaslighting. By Briana Lawrence So there’s this Ivy Park x Adidas clothing collab. Y’all have probably heard about it. You have likely watched — just like me — as various celebs were gifted with...


#GrabYourWallets: Women are Boycotting Ivanka Trump Because of Course

Boycotting has always been an effective way to hit folks where it hurts: their revenues. When you are dealing with multi-billion dollar tycoons, their brand is their livelihood. The Trumps received news recently that future hotels will no longer bear the family name, thanks to the embarrassment and shame that Donald Trump has brought the business during his presidential...