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The Sanitized Politics of Social Media Influencing

There has been a concerning proliferation of influencers who have taken social justice movements as an opportunity to center themselves. By Hareem Khan What’s pervasive about colorism is its mundanity. Its sly, subjugating gaze.  Its violence is enacted and concealed by its quotidian nature, which enables a kind of extraction of colorism from the systems...


The Whitney Museum’s Biennial Silence and Its Culture of Oppression

The Whitney Museum chooses silence in an effort to displace, downplay, and negate valid public outrage regarding their policies, ethics and leadership. By Jamara Wakefield May 17th marked the start of the 79th Whitney Biennial. The Biennial is a contemporary art exhibition, featuring typically young and lesser-known artists, at the Whitney Museum of American Art...


BURLESQUE: Using Our Bodies as a Form of Resistance and Joy

In this photo essay for #BodyPositivityInColor, burlesque performer Janna Zinzi (a.k.a. jazabel jade) writes about the transformative power of burlesque, its importance to Black and Brown dancers and body acceptance for non-normative bodies. By Janna Zinzi Burlesque is our legacy as Black and Brown folks. Its roots are in social and political commentary and it...


Our Cultures Have Always Been A Weapon Against White Supremacy

It is clear that the cultures of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples are incredibly significant because of how much white people fear them. Throughout history, cultural traditions have been used to mobilize groups of Black and Brown people together against a common threat—white supremacy. People of color have survived centuries of endless white violence and,...


I’m Done Answering Questions about Cultural Appropriation

People of color have learned to navigate white spaces, and I have decided to expect no effort in return from white people who want to know about and participate in any element of my culture. By Nami Thompson As a Punjabi-American woman in Boulder, any question about appropriation can easily be translated to, “I want...


The Black Feminist Argument for ‘Black Panther’

The “Black Panther” narrative allows Black women to be both angry and tender, both strong and vulnerable, both independent and interdependent on each other and those around them. [This essay contains spoilers for Marvel’s “Black Panther”] “Black Panther” is not your typical superhero blockbuster. It’s a political epic, it’s Black as fuck, it’s critical of...