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An Incantation For Life and Death Under Indian Fascism

Like everything else, the government has privatised loss. The state bargains with death and leaves citizens to bleed while business deals are made with the fallen bodies.  CW: Coronavirus, death, communal riots By Rohitha Naraharisetty The long and short of it is that, in this country, in the company of death, I am running out...


Submitting To Death: What My Grief Is Teaching Me

Embracing the discomforts of grief helped me to stop wrestling with both death and life. Sometimes grief is simply not allowing what is dead to die. This essay discusses death, grief, and mental health, and mentions suicide By Namupa Shivute 2019 was a year of upheaval. Much of what was foundational in my world crashed...


Self-Care Sunday: Processing Grief

This weekend, Oakland lost a tremendous number of incredible young folks in a tragic warehouse fire of epic proportions. This week, we grieve deeply with you, as many of us at Wear Your Voice call Oakland our home, too, and have lived communally in similar structures, as well as sharing community and friends with those...


Death Isn’t a Blessing — You’re Just Ableist

I was looking at my Facebook feed at 5 in the morning — craving death and also cupcake pancakes from IHOP. That’s the thing about depression: my sleeping patterns have been out of control lately, making me wake up at weird hours. On the feed, I read an article from xoJane titled, “My Former Friend’s...