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Worker Exploitation, Capitalism, and The “Normal” We Can’t Return To

In a capitalist system, “normal” means worker mistreatment and exploitation, and this disproportionately impacts already marginalized groups.  By Princess Avianne Charles “Normal” was considered many things but it certainly was not good enough. For many, what was considered normal was mentally and physically draining, it revoked them of their access to basic necessities and it...


To Say That Disability Will Disappear When Capitalism Does is Eugenics, Not Liberation Theory

The greatest insistence that I can somehow power through my disability comes from the people that claim that my brain would simply work if capitalism was eradicated. CW/TW: Ableist language, eugenics I don’t know who decided that “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” was an accurate or effective description of what ADHD does to a person, but...


Uber And The NFL’s Corporate Platitudes Will Not End Racism

Uber and the NFL’s words mean nothing when their actions say the complete opposite. Let’s dive into the historic racism of both entities, shall we? In 2020, literal centuries into the American settler-colonial project, corporations have finally decided to acknowledge the existence of racism. Groundbreaking! This newfound realization—and subsequent attempts to be woke—come during a...


How The Ocean Teaches Me To Navigate Grief and My Disability

I’m learning the importance of paying attention to the signs of grief, those approaching waves, so I’m more prepared to navigate them. By Carolyn Hinds “Watch wuh yuh doing. De sea ain’t got nuh backdoor” is a phrase every Bajan child would hear as we stood on shore, preparing to race headlong into the waves...


Surviving Capitalism Through The Protection of Community

What I learned from these two years is that capitalism is not something you ever truly survive. You are a slave to the world until the world is no more. CW/TW: mentions of sexual assault, gun violence, houselessness, and more in the following essay. Reader’s discretion is advised. I have written some very hard pieces...


#QueerCripRollCall Helped Me Feel Seen By The People I am Kindred to

Seeing Black disabled people affirming their identities, practicing radical transparency, gives me permission to move in my full selfhood. By Aurielle Marie “I’m curating a show for disabled poets, and I think you should feature,” read the message from my friend and renowned poet, Kay Ulanday Barrett. A Filipinx-amerikan performer and activist, Kay had the...