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How Misogynoir Shows Up In Our Lives: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

Properly addressing misogynoir requires the dismantling of both patriarchy and white supremacy, as well as uprooting capitalism and colonialist thought.  Our politic at Wear Your Voice has always been and will forever be rooted in an intersectional feminism because we recognize that the liberation of assigned, assumed, and affirmed Black womxn is imperative to the...


Nina Simone On Intent And The Many Lifetimes Of Impact

Nina Simone’s impact on the world sustains even when it was a far fetch from what she originally envisioned for herself. By Hess Love “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lawd, don’t let me be misunderstood.” Nina Simone is good company, or so I’ve heard it said by someone who could relate...


Misinformation Campaign #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Proves We Still Don’t Believe Survivors

The swift reaction to coddle Johnny Depp and condemn Amber Heard is indicative of the resistance survivors still face when coming forward about abuse. Content note: This story discusses domestic violence and situational partner violence. Last weekend, #JusticeForJohnnyDepp was trending on Twitter in the United States. Depp stans were foaming at the mouth over leaked...


Supporting Garbage People Like Johnny Depp Makes You A Misogynist

As long as our culture refuses to hold the Depps of the world accountable, there will always be women like Heard who will be tasked with watching their abusers prosper. [TW/CW: discussion of domestic violence, rape culture and mentions of sexual assault.] New York Magazine’s July 27th, 2015 cover is still as harrowing as it...


I Can’t Hear In That Ear: Abuse Affects Queer Relationships Too

When I found myself as the victim within an abusive relationship, one that was marred by queerness, blackness, and a profoundly turbulent love resonating between the two of us, I was stunned into submission. [TW/CW: descriptions of emotional abuse and physical violence.] Last month while sitting in a smoke lounge on the westside of Atlanta,...