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Parasocialism and Industry Amnesia in K-Pop Fandom

While “Global North” parasocialism tends to lean towards non-reciprocal parasocial interaction of fans merely admiring a celebrity, parasocialism in K-Pop fandom proves to be a more multi-directional devotion. By Sharon Kong-Perring In February 2020, three weeks before the world shut down, I began the grand rituals of a night out with someone special. Like any...


Leslie Mac and TaLynn are Bringing an Essential Discussion on Allyship To GeekGirlCon

Commitment to diversity and to examining what it looks like to have more Black people at cons isn’t just a numbers game. This weekend, GeekGirlCon will convene in Seattle. Two days of women coming together to celebrate and revel in their geeky passions in STEM, gaming, comics, literature, film, arts, cosplay, and more. Many conventions...