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Climate Change Disasters Leave Fat And Disabled People Even More Vulnerable To Harm

Hospitals don’t have evacuation plans in place to care for fat and disabled patients in the most disastrous moments. TW: mention of “ob*sity,” murder, and general anti-fat anti-Black violence Earth’s climate is changing. Drastically and rapidly. Glaciers are melting; ecosystems are shifting; temperatures are changing and sea levels are rising. But what is perhaps most...


The Capitalistic Work Ethic Fallacy Creates Space For Anti-Fatness and Biphobia

The Protestant Work Ethic mythos and its presumed moral superiority have taught us that discipline should be projected onto everything, including bodies and sexualities. By Maz Hedgehog  One of the core myths of Anglo-American capitalism is the Protestant Work Ethic. The belief that Britain and America earned the wealth hoarded by their ruling classes through...


Lizzo’s Body Is Not A Political Battlefront

White women crying in “disappointment” about Lizzo is nothing short of their belief that fat Black women should always tend to their wounds coming to the surface.  CW: diet talk By Rasheed Ajamu “Body Positivity” icon Lizzo recently decided to partake in a “JJ Smith’s 10-day smoothie detox” and gave her social media following a...


I May Destroy Your Self-Worth: How Childhood Bullying Plagued My Young Adult Years

Childhood bullying has long-lasting effects and its impact should be acknowledged as much as other traumas during this era of mental health awareness.  By Khaaliq Crowder  CW: bullying, fatphobia, ableism, homophobia, disordered eating, self-harm, suicidality  As I approach my 25th birthday, I’ve been examining my childhood trauma and how it plagued my late teens and...


When ‘Moti’ And Unmarriageable Is All That You Are In South Asian Culture

The importance that South Asian culture places on marriage as an “achievement” for women convinced me that being Moti meant I was unworthy of being loved and desired. By Zahra Haider CW: Fatphobia, weight, misogyny, self-harm, disordered eating Shaadi and Moti are two words commonly heard throughout South Asia. The former means “marriage” and the...


Not All Fat Black Boys Know How To Eat

Fat Black boys are failed by their doctors, failed by nutritionists, failed by a society that doesn’t see us as deserving of treatment and therapy. CW: mentions of eating disorders, medical discrimination, ob*sity, and more. I vividly remember multiple visits to my pediatrician that were centered solely around my eating. As with any parent, my...