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For Queer Nigerian Youths, #ENDSARS Is A Fight Against Police Brutality And Homophobia

The many arbitrary SARS arrests and harassment of queer Nigerian youth confirm bias towards and targeting of the queer community in Nigeria’s police system.  By Conrad Johnson-Omodiagbe For queer people living in Nigeria, the chances of experiencing violence—and in some cases, death—at the hands of a police officer is uncomfortably high. Over the past couple...


Fatphobia: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

Wear Your Voice assembled this reading list to help people learn more about fatphobia and its interconnected oppressions. Dismantling fatphobia, white supremacy and other oppressions is foundational to the work that we create at Wear Your Voice. We believe that various systems of power are interconnected and therefore we must tackle them as such. Anti-fatness...


Misandry As Praxis In The Face of Misogyny

As long as we live and die under a patriarchal system, misandry can never be a form of oppression. Misandry (noun) — the dislike of, contempt for, or prejudice against men.  When I call myself a misandrist, I’m only partly joking. For myself, and many of the folks I know with marginalized genders, misandry is...


How Lauren Duca and Other Liberals Weaponize Feminist Language To Uphold Oppressions

In the over-simplification of feminist language, Lauren Duca and other so-called feminists have stripped feminist theory of its anti-capitalist stance. By Nashwa Lina Khan In January 2020, The Independent published a piece by Lauren Duca entitled “In Backing Liz Warren And Amy Klobuchar, The New York Times Rejected Toxic Masculinity- As We All Should”. The...


Dalit Feminists Should Be The Leaders of The Women’s Rights Movement In India

The voices of Dalit feminists are often unrepresented and contradictory to the needs of mainstream feminists. By Jhilam Gangopadhyay TW: this article contains mentions of sexual assault For generations, the feminist movement has primarily represented privileged white women while the oppression of poor, working-class women, Black, indigenous and women of color, was often rendered invisible...


Alyssa Milano’s Call for a Sex Strike is Peak White Feminism

How does it help people who need safe access to abortion to further limit our sexual autonomy? There is a constant, unrelenting war against women, LGBTQ+ folks and Black, indigenous and people of color, the poor and working class in the United States. Part of the efforts to directly harm us and push back against...