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‘Project Power’ Delves Into The Scientific Exploitation Of Black Women’s Bodies

‘Project Power’ imagines a world where Black women can get free and remove the shackles of scientific racism that have attempted to bind us for centuries.  CN: This article contains spoilers for the film “Project Power” and mentions anti-Black experimentations on Black women’s bodies. By S.R. Toliver Set in the poorest part of New Orleans,...


Abusive White Men Thrive in The Film Industry

Within the film industry white male directors employ abusive tactics and create hostile work environments in the name of genius and so-called authenticity. TW/CW: mentions of rape and abuse. You know one of the quotes I hate the most? “No pain, no gain.” There are several reasons I absolutely loathe this quote that masquerades as...


What We Owe To Candyman

Too often in horror stories and in our historical narratives, our dead are made into spectacles and fodder for white stories. Candyman was no exception. Contains spoilers for Candyman (1992) “As intellectuals and consumers of popular culture we are left to think very differently and deeply about what meaning a narrative-in-death has for black subjects...


How The Ocean Teaches Me To Navigate Grief and My Disability

I’m learning the importance of paying attention to the signs of grief, those approaching waves, so I’m more prepared to navigate them. By Carolyn Hinds “Watch wuh yuh doing. De sea ain’t got nuh backdoor” is a phrase every Bajan child would hear as we stood on shore, preparing to race headlong into the waves...