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The Case Against Elizabeth Warren

What Elizabeth Warren showcases as a sincere progressive Democratic candidate, is the many contradictions that exist within that party. This article was originally published by the Hood Communist By Erica Caines My earliest recollection of Elizabeth Warren, politically, was in 2012 when she ran in Massachusetts against the incumbent, Scott Brown. I recall the headlines...


Israel’s Elections: A Vote Between Apartheid and Apartheid

This election has come down to a race between two parties that are fighting over who proposed an illegal annexation of Palestinian land first. By Rose Asaf Israel’s general elections are right around the corner, which can only mean one thing. Before Israelis head to the polls on September 17 to decide whether Benjamin Netanyahu...


Israel Is Not A Democracy, It Is An Apartheid State

Americans — and especially American politicians — need to wake up to the fact that Israel is not a democracy and its treatment of Tlaib and Omar is just another example of why. Content Warning: Mentions of state-sanctioned violence, racism, death/ethnic cleansing. By Reina Sultan  Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he...


Ilhan Omar Has Nothing to Apologize For

Ilhan Omar threatens the congressional heterodoxy on Israel, which represents the interests of the Zionist lobby, not the Jewish people. By Jordan Valerie On Monday, the political establishment helped the Zionist lobby wage a smear campaign against freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for accurately describing how lobbying works. Though Democrats have been quick to share...


Wonder Woman is Your Zionist, White Feminist Hero

This movie wasn’t made with all women in mind, it’s for the women who can ignore certain atrocities which don’t directly affect them. Dear White Feminists, FINALLY, a superhero movie for YOU! How marvelous that you finally have a kickass, badass, cisgender, abled bodied, thin, white woman hero to worship on screen. You’ve waited so...