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Gendering Ungender: Notes on Nonbinary Blackness

When we define transness first, always, and only through death, we not only erase the many ways that nonbinary people do die, but we also remove trans people—particularly Black trans women—from life entirely. To preface this essay, I want to be clear that this is intended to be an intracommunal conversation between all of us...


What Gender Is My Brain? The Dangerous Phrenology of “Brain Sex”

History raises cause for concern about the stakes associated with relying upon brain imaging to dictate the source of transgender identity. By Alex Verman When POSE actress Indya Moore tweeted about a “biologically female penis” in February, it created exactly the kind of reaction you might expect. The replies to her tweet are gleefully cruel,...


The Transgender and Khawaja Sira Communities: Shared Struggles and Tensions

The issues of the Transgender and Khawaja Sira communities within Pakistan today may be similar, but they are both different communities in their own right. By Manaal Farooqi Conversations about transgender and non-binary peoples are popping up in media outlets more frequently—particularly in the West. While great strides and conversations are being had about the...