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“Black People Don’t Go to Therapy” and Other Myths Our Parents Told Us

Different fears are now morphing into even more ridiculous, and dangerous, myths that we’ve begun spreading to our children. TW/CW: Mentions of depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and ableism. By Adrie Rose If you’re Black, there’s a very good chance that your parents are lying to you. Your grandparents too. They’re all lying to you and...


T.I.’s Violation of His Daughter is a Blatant Form of Misogynoir

T.I. is not an anomaly but a representative of a greater framework that dehumanizes Black women. TW: descriptions of misogynoir, virginity tests and enslavement By Vanessa Taylor On the “Ladies Like Us” podcast, rapper T.I. announced that he monitors his 18-year-old daughter’s virginity at annual gynecologist visits to ensure her hymen is intact. While acknowledging...


Nobody Believes That Black Women are in Pain, and It’s Killing Us

My pain is real and the medical system is broken, misogynoir is more pervasive than what is generally perceived, and Black women deserve to been seen. By Jazmine Joyner I was an antisocial 7th grader who wanted nothing more than to read books and watch movies. Being the new kid at my middle school, I...


Black Mirror’s “Black Museum” and the History of Medical Experimentation on Black Bodies

Most “Black Mirror” episodes come across as “what if this really happened?” but when watching “Black Museum” it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t a fictional cautionary tale. For Black people, it’s very real. This article contains spoilers for Black Museum. When deciding which episode of “Black Mirror” to watch first, I was immediately...


The Racist Roots of Gynecology & What Black Women Birthed

I think of trans-generational traumas, and how they shape us, and I wonder whether the pang that I sometimes feel in my gut connects me with the agony of my foremothers. Trigger Warning: This article contains discussions of racialized reproductive and sexual violences against Black women We have been rather preoccupied with our statues of late....