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14 Re-Tellings of Black History According to Shameik Moore (Probably)

“Harriet Tubman did all that huffing and running knowing there were horses and carriages. Who did she think she was? Jordan Peele in a parkour skit???” – Shameik Moore Being Black in this world is simultaneously a wonderful, yet peculiar thing. Many times joyful, but often contradictory. Confusing. Sometimes rage-inducing (word to James Baldwin). But...


‘Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer’ Is The Comic Series We Need Right Now

‘Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer’ blends historical dystopia with fantasy and horror to tell gripping stories of adventure and peril, rooted in the very real evil of chattel slavery. Harriet Tubman is a remarkable individual and historical figure for a number of reasons. Her skill set was impressive, to say the least. After escaping to Philadelphia...


All Black Art Deserves Valid Critique

The act of thinking about Black art and its meaning in a larger cultural context is equally as important as the final creation. By Stephanie Smith-Strickland Over the last two years we’ve seen films like Black Panther — Ryan Coogler’s triumphant diaspora-spanning addition to the Marvel pantheon — and Get Out, Jordan Peele’s darkly comedic...


Our Cultures Have Always Been A Weapon Against White Supremacy

It is clear that the cultures of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples are incredibly significant because of how much white people fear them. Throughout history, cultural traditions have been used to mobilize groups of Black and Brown people together against a common threat—white supremacy. People of color have survived centuries of endless white violence and,...