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Ambient Trauma: Giving Name To The Burgeoning Pains Of Our Times

Healing from ambient trauma will require destroying the ideologies and systems that engender harm and in their place cultivating more just and caring ways of living.  CW: discussion of trauma in the general & abstract form (i.e. no specific details), with occasional reference to specific environmental disasters and general events By Jonathan Fisk Nobody is...


Sexual Assault Awareness Month: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

Wear Your Voice curated a list of the many pieces we published over the past few years which are fitting reads for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Content Note: discussions of sexual violence, including r/pe, abuse of minors, coercion, and stealthing  Survivors of sexual violence need space to be able to talk about and work through...


Radically Accepting Myself According to Chani Nicholas

Chani Nicholas takes her empowering words of affirmation to the next level, arming us with the knowledge we need to embody the best versions of ourselves. It didn’t take me long to smash that pre-order button when beloved online astrologer Chani Nicholas announced her first book, You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self...


I Hate Christmas and I Don’t Want You to Change My Mind

I don’t want to pretend that I like Christmas. I don’t want to pretend to enjoy my family’s company. I want to be alone and that is perfectly acceptable. TW/CW Mentions of death and depression. By Adrie Rose I fucking hate Christmas. That’s probably too blunt but I’m not sorry because every time I try...