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Climate Change Disasters Leave Fat And Disabled People Even More Vulnerable To Harm

Hospitals don’t have evacuation plans in place to care for fat and disabled patients in the most disastrous moments. TW: mention of “ob*sity,” murder, and general anti-fat anti-Black violence Earth’s climate is changing. Drastically and rapidly. Glaciers are melting; ecosystems are shifting; temperatures are changing and sea levels are rising. But what is perhaps most...


Climate Crisis And The Perils of Incrementalism

Climate specialists have characterized the climate crisis as unpreventable. The planet is heating beyond repair, and yet, communities are still forced to negotiate with elected officials, begging and pleading for their lives, for a dignified chance at survival.  By Kyliel Thompson In 1989, the late, but always timely, James Baldwin invoked a modification of progress...


Yes, Environmental Racism is Real and It Is Devastating.

Pollution and the risk of disaster is assigned to Black and Brown communities through racial discrimination and political neglect. The first time you heard the term environmental racism may have been after Hurricane Katrina, during the ongoing Flint water crisis, or even as recently as Hurricane Harvey.  You may have thought, “What? How can the...


Kanye West Is The Token Black Friend

It’s so damn sad to witness the man who gave us The College Dropout fall down into this trajectory. Early Tuesday morning, Kanye West — after spending several days in a hospital over exhaustion, according to CNN — strolled with his entourage through the golden corridors of Trump Tower for a private meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump....


What Donald Trump’s Presidency Means for Climate Change and Environmental Justice

Two days after Donald Trump was elected to the American Presidency, the Washington Post ran an article reporting, “North America is awash in warmth and there are no immediate signs of significant winterlike weather on the horizon.” It was the third-warmest October on record, and that warmth continued into November. The timing didn’t feel like a coincidence. Trump’s election...