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My Family Paid Over $30K For Our Citizenship — But That’s Not What Makes My Blood Boil

Beyond the financial cost of American citizenship, the most irreversible damage comes from the immigration system’s ability to break down families and communities. By Priyanka Bansal The American immigration system is the mass commodification of bodies. It views us as investments, rather than humans. It leaves us vying for our own individual rights to security...


We Don’t Need to Investigate ICE—We Need to Dismantle It

ICE detention centers are part of the prison industrial complex and as such have to be included in our calls for full scale abolition. TW: religious discrimination, violence, ICE In late August, Muslim advocacy groups revealed that Muslim ICE detainees had been struggling with expired or rotten halal meals for two years. TWO YEARS! Because...


Looking Beyond Kamala Harris’ Identity And At Her Political Actions

Kamala’s history demonstrates her priorities: sponsoring the corporate elite, locking up BIPOC, endangering trans folx and persecuting sex workers. By Gloria Oladipo Oh happy day, oh happy day, Kamala “Cop” Harris has gone away! On Tuesday, news broke that Kamala Harris was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, officially ending her campaign a day...


Pete Buttigieg Performs Solidarity And Cuts Us In The Dark

Buttigieg, like the politicians before and after him, will never transgress or bring any substantial change to a system that he benefits from. Pete Buttigieg is considered a top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, but his politics are a fallacy.  Buttigieg is the specific brand of white person that I have come to abhor,...


El Paso Shooter Represents White America And Its White Supremacist, Settler-Colonial Roots

The El Paso shooting should spur white Americans to reckon with their legacy of violence. Without it, white nationalists will continue onwards. Another day, another mass shooting. 22 people massacred in the crowded Walmart of Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas, before which the shooter had released an anti-Latinx manifesto that alluded to a...


Don’t Mourn DACA Just Yet

We must refuse to uphold the colonial logic underlying claims of legal presence and borders. By Natascha Uhlmann The Trump administration’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is morally repugnant. This much is self evident — no human being is illegal, period. But we can do better. DACA granted a sense of normalcy to...