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Yes, It Is a Muslim Ban. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for America.

The fact that President Donald Trump’s executive order effectively hurts Muslims abroad and in America is a sign that it is, indeed, a Muslim ban. The recent ban of refugees and other types of immigrants to the United States through President Donald Trump’s executive order has alarmed large swathes of the population. The instant the executive order...


Standing Up As A Biracial Latina In Trump’s America

by Christine Stoddard I was already sick on the eve of Election Day, with the throbbing headache, temperature, and aches typical of the season. Stress also was certainly to blame. I was exhausted from work and the vicious election cycle. I spent Election Day bundled up in bed, drinking plenty of liquids in an effort...


MTV’s Beyond The Wall Tells Immigrants’ Stories Like Never Before

MTV recently launched a new video series called Beyond the Wall, and it’s fantastic! The project attempts to bridge the gap between immigrants and those born in the United States. It arrived just in time for Indigenous People’s Day last week, when videos were show in a huge interactive video installment in New York’s Herald Square. You can also watch the...


“Collisions” Explores Clans Shattered by I.C.E.

Collisions is a film that explores the lives of a family of immigrants through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl, who returns home from school with her little brother only to find out their mother has just been detained by immigration police. It was written and produced by husband-and-wife team Richard and Zareen Levien. Sadly, this story is...