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What Intersectionality Means to Wear Your Voice

  “As the founder of a self-funded intersectional publication, intersectionality isn’t just about having other people tell our stories; it’s about providing opportunity and economic access for marginalized Black and brown folks to have autonomy over their lives. -Ravneet Vohra, WYV Founder Welcome to Wear Your Voice, an intersectional feminist publication. What does intersectionality mean?...


5 Ways Capitalism Destroys The Modern Feminist Movement

Modern feminists must realize that the spheres of capitalism and feminism mutually exclude one another. Is it possible for activists to manifest the values of feminism and feminist movements under an economic system that prides itself on encouraging individual men and women to amass huge profits on the backs of America’s working class? Is it...


Don’t be Like xoJane: 5 Tips to Save You From Writing Something You’ll Regret

by Adryan Corcione Social media was recently shaken by an ableist essay on xoJane in which the writer claimed her friend’s suicide was a “blessing.” Many reaction pieces followed, some of which mentioned the state of the “personal essay industrial complex,” or what happens when our experiences are reduced to controversial headlines to drive traffic, often...


6 Reasons Why Special Education Matters to Intersectional Feminists

Happy Special Education Appreciation Day! Big kudos to the teachers who devote their lives’ work to uplifting different types learners; encouraging all students to succeed regardless of how many deviations they are away from ‘the norm’. Special Education is not only a fundamental human rights issue it is a blueprint for social engagement. The Individuals...