Queer Bangladeshis Don’t Need Your Toxic Allyship

Toxic allies often end up unintentionally working together with homophobes. Queer people in Bangladesh deserve genuine allyship. TW/CW: this article contains mentions of queerphobia, homophobia, harassment, abuse, and murder. By Rasel Ahmed Queer Bangladeshi community organizers are witnessing another dangerous surge of homophobic attacks online in Bangladesh. Hundreds of people are making anti-LGBTQ+ videos and...


Solidarity Amongst The Rich: Isaac Mizrahi Endorses Fascist Bloomberg

Isaac Mizrahi’s ahistorical support of Michael Bloomberg illustrates that solidarity amongst the wealthy is more important than the lives of marginalized people. On Tuesday, American designer Isaac Mizrahi announced his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate, oligarch and all-around-terrible person, Michael Bloomberg.  Mizrahi, who has a net worth of 20 million dollars, explains that during Bloomberg’s...


7 LGBT2S Bolivian Community Organizers You Should Know About

While the country is under the strain of anti-Indigenous politicians, it’s important to learn about the Bolivian organizers changing the lives of QTBIPOC. By ThatNerdyBoliviane In recent times, the gradual rise of anti-indigenous, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic violence across Bolivia has been overwhelming and heartbreaking. The oversimplification of the structural problems that led to the...


Stepping Back Into The Repurposed Closet For The Holidays

This repurposed closet is your space to set up reminders of your queerness, creating a way to feel comfortable while you’re out of your element. By Briana Lawrence As a woman who frequently travels to different conventions across the country, six hours of driving isn’t that great of a distance to me. Back when I...


Tamar Braxton and Cishet Black Women’s Complicated Relationships to Queer Black People

Tamar’s statement goes beyond harming cishet men, it opens up a particular kind of violence against Queer Black people. This essay contains discussions of sexual violence and r/pe culture Recently, recording artist and television personality, Tamar Braxton, made a post on her Instagram story where she essentially claims that the one and only reason a...


How The Colonial History of Hypersexualization Obscures the Possibility of Black Asexuality

Black asexuals deserve to have more visibility and clarity, and Black people deserve to embrace our sexualities outside of the confines of prescribed hypersexualization. This essay contains discussions of sexual and reproductive violences, and racist fetishization  “Western social thought associates Blackness with an imagined uncivilized, wild sexuality and uses this association as one lynchpin of...