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In Retrospect: ‘The Lobster’ And Society’s Disdain For Singles

Singles experience more prejudice and discrimination from society at large than most are willing to recognize or admit, especially coupled people who benefit from it. This essay contains spoilers for The Lobster (2015) and briefly mentions sexual assault and suicide Bisexuality is no longer an option. Guests of the hotel must register themselves as either...


Re-Learning Radical Softness and My Capacity to Love

I used to believe that displaying any kind of vulnerability—particularly love, which I believe to be the pinnacle of radical softness—meant getting hurt. By Clarkisha Kent Trauma has made me a cold bitch. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Being raised by ultra-strict [Nigerian] parents meant that no iteration of softness was...


Disabled And In Love With Me: The Ableds’ Worst Nightmare

I am not blithely grateful for poor treatment and I won’t accept the bare-minimum of accessibility and inclusion. My love for myself is revolutionary. This essay contains discussions of ableism and self-harm By Imani Barbarin I was 10 when I first came across the concept of inspiration porn. I didn’t know what to call it,...


Europe Won’t Rescue the Hearts of Black Women, Here’s Why

European monarchies built and waged their power upon our deaths and our blood. Within this context, how could we possibly expect them to value Blackness? By Nneka M. Okona Some months ago, I was comfy and settled on my couch awaiting that week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. I had a glass of wine...


Self-Love is About the Journey, Not the Destination

Committing to self-love whispered quietly in your mind is all you need to ground yourself in the work. Self-love is a term that’s honestly gotten a bad rep. Maybe it’s from buzzing around social media for so long without committing to the work of unpacking what it really means, but there’s a lot of confusion...