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We Are Powerful: A Women’s History Month Road Map

As Women’s History Month rolls by, focus on our past, present and future. We have a lot to get done, but we are ready. We’re creeping closer towards the end of winter and with it we say goodbye to Black History Month and a multitude of culturally enriching achievements — Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther”, Janelle...


Four Hoodoo Rituals For The Full Moon And Beyond

If you’re having trouble building a practice due to the lack of rigid schedules or want to put a little oomph behind your work, turn to the full moon — it will always smile upon you. The full moon is source of power and energy but I often tell people that we don’t use the...


5 Medicines That Help With Healing The Heart

Below are some medicines that are effective in healing the heart, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We offer gratitude for their patience with us, especially as we learn to love ourselves...