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‘Joker’ Propagates The “Mentally Ill Loner” Narrative Without Introspection or Challenge

“Joker” potentially allows men who identify with Arthur Fleck’s descent into violent criminality to find not only acceptance, but also celebration, empathy, and vindication—and that is both irresponsible and dangerous.  This essay contains spoilers for “Joker”  “Among many mass killers, the triple privileges of white heterosexual masculinity, which make subsequent life course losses more unexpected...


Why Toxic Masculinity is the Cause For Most Massacres

Most Mass Shootings are Committed by Men. Is Toxic Masculinity to Blame? It feels as though I’ve been seeing headlines about mass shootings all my life. Every time it happens, it’s hard. Vicarious trauma is a real thing, especially for folks who already suffer from PTSD. What is the root of most of mass shootings, the vast...