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Disrupting Mental Health Stigma with Amanda Rosenberg

Both Tauruses, Amanda Rosenberg and I are no stranger to attempting to cure our mental illness by bulldozing our way through it. CW: This story mentions sexual violence and suicide. My vocal self-advocacy after surviving sexual violence has more often than not put me at odds with my parents. In the immediate aftermath of the...


A Black Writer’s Burnout in the Midst of Chaos

Expectations of Black ingenuity in times of chaos is enough to break any writer. We are worn down by years of digital media instability and now, a pandemic. I actually don’t know how to start this shit off. Which is so interesting to me, because I don’t usually struggle with openings or closings. It’s always...


So a Toxic Person Tried to Contact You During a Global Pandemic

The pandemic has increased the likelihood that a harmful or toxic person will reach out expecting that your boundaries have shifted under vulnerability. These are unprecedented times we’re living in. And…these are also annoying-ass times. On top of living in a country where the nincompoop-in-chief thinks he can “re-open” it while a killer virus is...


What It’s Like To Have OCD During A Pandemic

As the world rushes to buy hospital masks and latex gloves, my OCD has made me feel like I am in on some kind of secret: the true cost of fear and panic. TW/CW: this article mentions suicidal ideation By Gloria Oladipo These past few weeks have been surreal for me. As someone who has...