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Trump’s Not Kinky, He’s Just An Asshole

This isn’t some “your kink is OK” thing. This was an act of racism and toxic masculinity, of marking territory, of demanding ownership and feeling entitled. When I first saw that #watersportsgate was trending on Twitter and it had to do with Donald Trump, I dismissed it pretty quickly. I’ve been kinky my entire adult life,...


Melania Trump and the Sexist Double Standard

Regardless of Politics, Misogyny Is Still Misogyny. In the days since Donald Trump won the presidential election, numerous people have focused on the future First Lady, Melania. They’ve compared her to previous First Ladies, and some have gone so far as to post photos of her posing nude or in revealing outfits, suggesting that she lacks class...


Why I’m Voting for Michelle Obama

When First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage in New Hampshire this month to rally for Hillary Clinton — and responded with authentic anger and horror to Donald Trump’s remarks about groping women — I was at first disappointed that Trump had once again managed to make the presidential campaign all about himself. But as...


Melania Trump’s Speech Was Basically A Shitty Rip Off of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Speech

She was supposed to teach us something about her husband, not plagiarizing black women. Melania Trump, the Slovenian immigrant wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, gave a speech last night to kick off the first day of the Republican National Convention. Her goal was to “humanize” or “soften” her husband, to sway the skeptics about...