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The Trauma Inflicted Upon Migrant Children Today Mirrors The Experiences Of Korean Adoptees

Shared and ongoing histories of war and exploitation necessitate us to fight alongside not only migrant families, but all people engaged in struggle for collective liberation.  CW: This essay mentions suicide and r/pe. By Elizabeth Niarhos Increased family separation and child abuse and neglect by the United States government against immigrant families have prompted thought-provoking...


These Are The Companies Profiting From Detaining Migrants At Border Concentration Camps

It doesn’t do migrants and refugees a service to pretend that white supremacy, capitalism and other forms of oppression aren’t intertwined. Today Wayfair employees walked out to protest the company’s sales to the U.S. government and its contractor’s concentration camps (let’s call them what they are) based in Texas.  547 Wayfair employees signed a letter...


On DREAMers, DACA and the Model Immigrant Trope

For all the clamor and the rush to post, protest, and support undocumented people, there are millions of immigrants whose experiences have been erased from the story. Earlier this week, Donald Trump’s administration announced its decision to rescind the Obama-era policy of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, shaking the nation’s immigrants, especially the...