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Interrogating Black Inceldom

Black inceldom can look different from the public and deadly displays we are accustomed to seeing from white men. Nevertheless, it is always worthy of investigation.  CW: r*pe culture, harassment  Mainstream understandings of inceldom associate the term with white men. “Incel” conjures up visions of men like mass shooter Elliot Rodger, or serial killer Ed...


‘Bad Girls Club’ and the Profitability of Misogynoir in Reality Television

The spectacle held in Bad Girls Club’s mass appeal was the promise of anti-Black violence, misogynoir, and the narrative exploitation of women who needed real help.  By Monika Estrella Negra Bad Girls Club, in which a group of self-proclaimed “Bad Girls” are given the opportunity to hash out their toxic social skills together in a...


On the Business of Being A Black Athlete

If Black athletes do not endure the unfairness and racism they encounter, and instead stand up for themselves, they are deemed uncooperative, lazy, or selfish. By Amelia Ali As a Division 1 athlete, I have never wanted sports to define me. As much as I loved my team, and the privilege of being able to...


What A Black Woman Medical Provider Sees Watching The COVID-19 Pandemic Unfold

Medical racism persists beyond historical fact to become current tradition, and inequalities can only be magnified by the circumstance of an emergency. How many more opportunities for widened healthcare disparity has COVID-19 given us?  By Racquel Reid, MD As the population of the United States trudges doggedly through endless months of uncontrolled COVID-19 spread, my...


Lizzo’s Body Is Not A Political Battlefront

White women crying in “disappointment” about Lizzo is nothing short of their belief that fat Black women should always tend to their wounds coming to the surface.  CW: diet talk By Rasheed Ajamu “Body Positivity” icon Lizzo recently decided to partake in a “JJ Smith’s 10-day smoothie detox” and gave her social media following a...


‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Uses Blackness and Bisexuality To Serve White Heterosexuality

The Queen’s Gambit is marked by both misogynoir and biphobia, as Jolene and Cleo operate as stereotypical plot devices that bolster up the straight/white power of chess prodigy Beth Harmon. By Maz Hedgehog CW: substance abuse, alcoholism, and spoilers for Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit’  The Queen’s Gambit is a good show. It’s engaging and exciting,...