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Black Women Have Long Celebrated Their Sexuality Through Music

From Lucille Bogan in the 1930s to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion today, Black women have long celebrated their sexuality. Hess Love’s “Heauxin’ Blues” playlist proves this. Black sexuality has been celebrated in song for generations. Suffice it to say, we been talking about, singing about, rapping about fucking. However, many “respectable” Black folks...


Michaela Coel And Netflix’s Problem With Empowered Black Women

Michaela Coel turned down Netflix’s offer because she recognized her worth. She questioned the ways they planned on exploiting her and found a better plan. People always say to “know your worth.” “Recognize your value.” “Stand in your power.” “Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.” But this always turns into a public debate...


Can Y’all Leave Black Girls Like Marsai Martin Alone?

Black girls’ existence, like Marsai Martin’s existence, is hyper-scrutinized in an effort to break them and their spirit. This essay mentions sexual violence and discusses r/pe culture  “Protect Black girls,” they said. It’s always a nice exercise in imagining the fantastical when people pretend that these are things that already happen in our world. But...


Let’s Not Be So Quick to Deify Angela Davis

We should be wary of deifying Angela Davis. Deification strips people (but particularly Black people, and especially Black women) of our humanity. “Why?” I’m like 99.9% sure this is what you, dear reader, thought as soon as you read this title. But, bear with me, as I promise it’s not what you think. To be...


How Misogynoir Shows Up In Our Lives: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

Properly addressing misogynoir requires the dismantling of both patriarchy and white supremacy, as well as uprooting capitalism and colonialist thought.  Our politic at Wear Your Voice has always been and will forever be rooted in an intersectional feminism because we recognize that the liberation of assigned, assumed, and affirmed Black womxn is imperative to the...