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Evaluating the Male Gaze in Classrooms

This essay is published as part of WYV Young Voices, a column highlighting upcoming writers under the age of 21.  Upholding the male gaze in education encourages male students to view women as pleasure objects devoid of any personhood CW: The following article discusses racism, sexism, adultification, and sexualization of women. However, there is no...


The Unprotected Women Journalists of Pakistan

When women journalists refuse the grossly inappropriate advances from those in positions of power, it usually leads to a detrimental impact on their careers.  This essay discusses sexual harassment, online harassment, and mentions marital r*pe by Sumaira Ashraf Rajput  Many challenges test the resilience of Pakistan’s small but thriving community of women journalists, including significant...


Misandry As Praxis In The Face of Misogyny

As long as we live and die under a patriarchal system, misandry can never be a form of oppression. Misandry (noun) — the dislike of, contempt for, or prejudice against men.  When I call myself a misandrist, I’m only partly joking. For myself, and many of the folks I know with marginalized genders, misandry is...


Cankles and Hip Dips: How Bullshit Buzzwords Are Weaponized To Make Us Hate Our Bodies

People often assume that women have been insecure about these buzzwords since time immemorial, but constructed insecurities were manufactured only recently. TW: Discussions of fatphobia and mentions of eating disorders By Stephanie Leguichard In our culture, we’re constantly bombarded with the idea that any degree of “excess” fat or signs of aging are pathological and...


Lyft or Uber, It’s All A Quick Ride to a Capitalist Hell

Google “Lyft sexual assault” or “Uber harassment” and you will find one report after another of drivers assaulting, stalking, and kidnapping passengers. By Adrie Rose TW/CW: Mentions of rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault. Uber and Lyft exist to replace public transit. No, seriously. Dade County earmarked $575,000 of its transit budget to subsidize Uber and...