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White Mediocrity Is Diluting The Influential Power Of Music Awards Shows

The capitalist system of The White Celebrity™ keeps using music awards shows to reward itself for mediocrity at the blatant expense of Black and Asian artists.  By Ebony Purks  At the 1985 American Music Awards (AMAs), Prince’s critically acclaimed, avant-pop song “When Doves Cry” won the AMA for “Favorite Black Single.” At some point, this...


Ledisi Is Here To Stay

An illustrious career, music true to her New Orleans roots, Grammy-nominated artist Ledisi is all of herself with her newest release, “The Wild Card”. Ledisi has long been one of my favorite voices in the music industry. With her effortless fusing of Soul, Rock, Blues, and Jazz genres, it comes as no surprise to me...


Nina Simone On Intent And The Many Lifetimes Of Impact

Nina Simone’s impact on the world sustains even when it was a far fetch from what she originally envisioned for herself. By Hess Love “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lawd, don’t let me be misunderstood.” Nina Simone is good company, or so I’ve heard it said by someone who could relate...