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Parasocialism and Industry Amnesia in K-Pop Fandom

While “Global North” parasocialism tends to lean towards non-reciprocal parasocial interaction of fans merely admiring a celebrity, parasocialism in K-Pop fandom proves to be a more multi-directional devotion. By Sharon Kong-Perring In February 2020, three weeks before the world shut down, I began the grand rituals of a night out with someone special. Like any...


Music Monday: Kadhja Bonet

You’re gonna want to check out Kadhja Bonet’s mix of soul, psych and jazz. “Think Joanna Newsom meets Janelle Monae,” says IndieCurrent. We agree. This week we focus on the brilliant Kadhja Bonet. The East Bay-raised songstress has a voice reminiscent of the smoothness of Sarah Vaughn mixed with the velvety soul of Roberta Flack....


Music Monday: Swet Shop Boys, Junglepussy and Buscabulla

This week we celebrate Music Monday with a bang, injected with the extremely political Heems-Riz MC collaboration Swet Shop Boys, as well as their solo work. Other artists in this week’s playlist include the outspoken Junglepussy and Buscabulla. This week, we’re featuring a ton of new work from some amazing folks: Barbagallo (Julien Barbagallo, the...


Music Monday, 9/19: Latinx Heritage Month

This week’s Music Monday celebrates the beginning of Latinx Heritage Month, which kicked off last Thursday. We celebrate influential Latinx artists like Ivy Queen, Mexican Institute of Sound, and El General, while also showing respect to artists with lesser known Latinx roots such as Aloe Blacc and Maxwell. Panamanian-American artist Aloe Blacc, the master of...