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Ledisi Is Here To Stay

An illustrious career, music true to her New Orleans roots, Grammy-nominated artist Ledisi is all of herself with her newest release, “The Wild Card”. Ledisi has long been one of my favorite voices in the music industry. With her effortless fusing of Soul, Rock, Blues, and Jazz genres, it comes as no surprise to me...


Black Women Have Long Celebrated Their Sexuality Through Music

From Lucille Bogan in the 1930s to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion today, Black women have long celebrated their sexuality. Hess Love’s “Heauxin’ Blues” playlist proves this. Black sexuality has been celebrated in song for generations. Suffice it to say, we been talking about, singing about, rapping about fucking. However, many “respectable” Black folks...


How Capitalism Destroyed the Potential of Afropunk

It is clear that Afropunk has been bastardised and its original mission has been degraded into nothingness. I remember my first concert like it was yesterday. I was sixteen and my best friend and I were in love with Jackson Rathbone of Twilight fame. Learning that he was the frontman of a short-lived folk band...