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Dismantling the Ideas of “Natural” and “Wild” in the Environmental Movement

Acknowledging that “natural” and “wild” are connected to oppressive systems is a first step to change how we discuss solutions to the climate crisis. By emily chang My love for the environment first started from the beautiful green and blue landscapes I witnessed in BBC ocean and rainforest documentaries. As a child, images of thundering...


When a White Company Trademarks the Word ‘Black’

As mainstream companies discover the profitability of Black consumers, Black-owned businesses are threatened to be squeezed out of existence.  In the United States, Blackness has always been profitable—just not always for Black people. Whether through theft of labor, or co-option of aesthetics, the U.S. has continuously created ways to appropriate from Black people for profit....


Why Kendrick Lamar’s Take on “Natural” Women Doesn’t Matter

Are we so starved for cishet men to appreciate actual so-called “natural” beauty that Kendrick Lamar showing a woman’s stretch marks is revolutionary? Over the weekend you probably 1. Watched Kendrick Lamar’s new music video directed by Dave Meyers for his single, “Humble,” and 2. You probably read a few pieces and insightful threads on...