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From Lagos to Atlanta, Black Leadership Won’t Save Us While Anti-Blackness Maintains Its Grip

As state forces descend on protesters in Nigeria, it’s clear that Black leadership alone isn’t a fix while capitalism and the effects of colonialism remain.  TW/CW: mention of blood, murder, r/pe, and other things that may be too gruesome or gory for some. read with caution. As I write this, thousands have taken the streets...


Voluntourism Is Colonialism Wrapped In The White Savior Complex

Through voluntourism, the white savior complex repackages and presents notions of the primitive African that white people use to further colonialism. Trigger warning: sexual assault against and surgical procedures on Black children. By Naila Aroni So there I was browsing Tinder when I came across something awful and disturbing. I’d like to immediately establish that...


I’m Not Here For Your Presidential Candidates

I want things that disrupt the way that governments and societies operate, and so why would I be in favor of any presidential candidate? I’m tired, and that exhaustion is going to follow me deep into the 2020 presidential election. I’m not looking forward to being yelled at about voting for “the right candidate”, I’m...


Words Mean Things: Understanding Colonialism

Colonization is the act of forcefully stripping sovereignty of a country through acquisition of land, resources, raw material, and governmental structures. My turn to state an equation: colonization = “thing-ification.” – Aimé Césaire The use of social media as a powerful tool for free education on various topics continually rises, with definitions, experiential narratives, and...